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Who We Are


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Black student-athletes are welcomed, supported, and heard, while enhancing the overall student-athlete experience through programming that promotes allyship and is inclusive of race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, and class.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite those who identify as such across our campus and throughout the country. With our collective voice, we call out and combat the anti-Black racism that student-athletes within the Diaspora face.


Our Story

In 2018, four UC Davis athletes went to the Black Student-Athlete Summit...

Sierra Sheppard, De’Andre Morgan, Flora Olivera, and Mikaela Adolphus, were brought together by their concern for the experience of the Black student-athletes at UC Davis. Influenced by the Black Student-Athlete Summit in Austin, TX, and the lack of support for Black student-athletes on campus, the CADSA idea was born.

The athletes quickly assembled its board consisting of  Xochitl Bryson, Mahlah Catline, Erron Duncan, Khanii Lesane, and Mahalia White, and with support from the athletic department, CADSA was launched. The Coalition for African Diaspora Student-Athletes seeks to serve a select population in athletics who face more risks of financial stress, mental health issues, insufficient access to professional development, low graduation rates, and lack of mentorship than any other group on campus-- the Black student-athlete.

In commencing their third year on campus Mikaela Adolphus, now an Alum, continued her service to the community by running CADSA National as the Expansion Director alongside CADSA UC Davis’ team which serves as CADSA’s headquarters.

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