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Research on the Necessity of Black Student-Athlete Support Groups


Representation Is Lacking 

In the NCAA, the lack of representation of Black head coaches, athletic directors, and board members continues to create an unequal power dynamic.


Fostering Identity Beyond Sports

Typically, one grows up in a Black household watching and playing sports. It's the community lifestyle. But if the Black athlete's identity is boxed around sports, they miss opportunities for professional development and networking. Career readiness is critical.

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More Mental & Spiritual  Support

Health & wellness is essential to athletic performance. While much is emphasize on the athlete's physical well-being, there is barely consideration for nurturing Black athletes' mental/spiritual well-being. Though at higher risk, programs fail to give adequate help. 


The Black Student Athlete Organizations Webinar was hosted by CADSA during Summer 2020 to provide an informational session for student-athletes around the country looking to start their own groups on campus. The event had over 60 participants, and athletes from DI-DIII colleges shared their insights and perspectives about the collective activist movement.

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