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 CADSA Membership

Create. Join. Engage.

Register your existing group today and become an official member of the national body for black student-athlete groups!


 3 Quick Steps


Find the Need on  Campus

 Does your athletic department have a need for a Black athlete group? Do you know how student organizations are created on your campus? Look into the process of registering a new student group on campus. If there is support from the athletic department, see if it can be a sponsored student-athlete group.


Establish Your Board

Time to build your board. Connect with student-athletes and administrators who believe in the mission of the group. These first members will play a crucial role in the early stages of leading and growing the size of the group. When there is sound support, you're ready to make it official!


Talk to a CADSA Rep

Fill out the form below to officially begin the process of formalizing a Black student-athlete organization.  A CADSA representative will be in touch shortly to help you establish main pillars, structure, and requirements as determined by CADSA Nat'l Headquarters (HQ). 

Registration Form 

Meet with a CADSA representative
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