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BSAG Shoutout: W.O.K.E

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This week we in our Org Shoutout, we are highlighting a Black student-athlete organization operating out of Bryant University in Rhode Island, W.O.K.E! 

W.O.K.E is an acronym that stands for, Words Of Knowledge Empower. This organization helps student-athletes Educate the broader athletic community on various social issues, Advocate for the resources needed to be as successful as our non-athlete peers, and Serve local prospective student-athletes. 

W.O.K.E’s goal is to foster holistic development of student-athletes through education, advocacy, and community service. They also are committed to positively changing the culture of our community by promoting and highlighting diversity and inclusion within their organization.

While W.O.K.E is focused on the community at Bryant University their work can help other Black student-athlete groups help create teachers and advocates within their organizations. If you are interested in connecting with W.O.K.E and following their journey follow them on Instagram at @woke_athletes!


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