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BSAG Shoutout: CardinalBLCK

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The second group we are highlighting in our Org Shout is at Stanford University in Stanford, California, CardinalBLCK!

CardinalBLCK's mission is to provide a safe space for Black student-athletes to connect, share, and foster a meaningful community that will support them long after their undergraduate experience is over. Their commitment to supporting Black student-athletes after their time at Stanford stood out to us here at CADSA.

They endeavor to make a valuable impact not only on Stanford’s campus, but on a larger scale as well. CardinalBLCK realizes the power of their, Black student-athletes, collective voices, and they strive to empower their Black student-athletes to use their influence in positive ways.

CardinalBLCK is a newer Black student-athlete organization but their pillars and goals are promising. We foresee CardinalBLCK being a valuable resource for the Black student-athletes at Stanford and having a big impact on their campus. Check out CardinalBLCK on Instagram @cardinalblck to keep up with their future work!


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