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Note From the Director

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Why the emergence of CADSA is right on time and how you can be a part of change in the NCAA.

Every institution is under fire right now. The cry for dismantling systemic racism is the loudest it's been in decades. Even the biggest sports brands are establishing a newfound commitment to the fight against racial injustice-- look no further than the NFL's retraction of its stance against Black Lives Matter when Kaepernick kneeled in 2017. If professional sports is ready to listen, it is certainly time for collegiate sports to follow along. As the notable James Baldwin once said-

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

The inadequacy of the NCAA institution commitment to just and inclusive policies, programs, and positions is no longer acceptable. It is time for the NCAA to face the fact that its devotion to Diversity & Inclusion has been nothing more than an unfulfilled promise.



All across the nation the unique needs and experiences of Black-identifying athletes are unrecognized by their athletic departments. While programs aim to develop athletic talents, players are not being cared for in terms of their social, academic and professional needs.

2% of student-athletes will go professional. Where does that leave the Black athlete?

Though originating on UC Davis' campus, CADSA is looking to expand and reach hundreds of schools that want to better support their athletes from the African Diaspora. We've created a model for these schools to follow, while helping assist to bring together Black athlete groups that want to be part of one unified body.

See our REGISTER page to join today!


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