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Black Athlete Activists: The All-Star List

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

#BLACKLIVESMATTER gained momentum over a little less than a month ago. We're following our favorite activist efforts made by Black collegiate athletes.

1) Athletes 4 Black Lives


This Instagram account has already amounted over 1k followers. Any collegiate, professional and former athletes can promote their story and support Black Lives Matter by DMing them a video to be featured! Notable athletes like professional lacrosse player Kyle Harrison, NFL alum Fred Barnett, and NBA Sacramento Kings player Kyle Guy have contributed their stories to the conversation. ANY and all athletes of varying ethnicities, backgrounds, and identities are welcome to participate. Check them out!

2) Anyoko Sewavi

Dartmouth Rugby

Now on Youtube, titled: Are You Really an Ally of the Black Community?? to create an educational resource for student-athletes interested in effective allyship. This 13 minute video is the perfect guide for the teammates who want to get involved, but are struggling to understand how. As a rising sophomore, Anyone is already making her voice heard!



The Instagram page was made under the premise Speak Up & Be Heard! Though in years past the NCAA has sought to make the #MoreThanAnAthlete hashtag trend, it's different when the collegiate athletes themselves recognize their power to be agents of change. Beyond The Game so effortlessly captures the stories of Black athletes and how their experiences have shed light on the systemic racism that plagues the intercollegiate sports arena.

4) Chris Egi

Harvard Basketball '18

A natural leader from behind the scenes, Chris can be credited for starting a GroupMe that has amounted over 3000 student-athletes. All day long, student-athletes are sharing posts, spreading news, and leading protests in cities all around the nation. This group is hoping to make change at the national and university athletics level, as well as fiscally support HBCUs and Black community members.


Every single athlete

We love some collective power! K-State athletes (and Texas athletes too) have rallied together to force a bargain deal with their universities. After the school's failure to address racial insensitivity in the student body, a letter circulated amongst students-athletes that stated they will not play in any games or participate in donor/recruiting events unless a new anti-racist policy is implemented and effective immediately. Needless to say-- we are here for it.

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What is your program doing? Contact us to have your school/team activism highlighted!


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